our mission:

Connect. Empower. Together.

We’re bringing queer disabled people together through storytelling, compiling and expanding resources, and empowering activists and leaders.

We are hosting the first Disability Justice Institute at Creating Change in January 2020. This is an opportunity to share our experiences and stories as queer disabled people. Disability justice was conceived by disabled queer women of color and centers disabled people of color, sex workers, immigrants, queer people, trans and gender non-conforming people, houseless people, currently and formerly incarcerated people, people who have had their ancestral lands stolen, amongst other.

Two feminine people, a white person and a black person, sit at a table talking with others.
A transmasculine person sitting in a park and smiling

Our Blog:

Here you can find interviews from queer disabled people from around the globe, personal essays and op-eds, and related news stories and opinion pieces. You can also submit your own work or tell your story through a personal interview.

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Our Programs:

Our programs are aimed at creating spaces for storytelling, discussion, and learning. You can find out how to share your own story through interviews and personal essays, start a conversation in the forums, or gather the tools to host your own workshop.

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